antique furniture reproduced what you need to know

What is reproduced antique furniture?

Antique furniture is always much in demand, but supply is limited. It is rare to find a genuine vintage piece of furniture in good condition and affordable. Seldom it is that all these factors converge at one point. Therefore, this has led to the introduction and subsequent growth of antique reproduced furniture. It is just like the name suggests; antique furniture reproduced today. You can use the same style and design as in the antique furniture and remake it using new material, modern methods, and techniques. There are certain advantages of antique reproduced furniture. Let us highlight those advantages that it enjoys over Handmade luxury furniture.

Advantages of reproduced antique furniture


It is very economical compared to antique furniture. You can buy it at a fraction of the cost of the Handmade luxury furniture.


Reproduced furniture is very durable as compared to Handmade luxury furniture. It is made with new materials using modern methods of production. Therefore, they last longer and you can use them as you like.


As opposed to antique furniture, there are so many choices in reproduced Handmade luxury furniture. An artisan can remake vintage furniture from pictures too. This gives so many choices to the buyer. He can even get his favorite piece of vintage furniture reproduced on order.

antique furniture stores

antique furniture stores

Easy availability:

Antique Handmade luxury furniture is hard to find. You can count on your fingers the number of places that sell genuinely Handmade luxury furniture. The reproduced variety of antique furniture, on the contrary, is easier to find. Many businesses are selling this stuff both online and through traditional brick-and-mortar stores.


In old times furniture was made by hands. While the artisans back then were very proficient in their craft, yet the precision brought in by mechanization was missing. Now the mass-produced furniture is designed in computers and produced using methods that leave minimal chances of error. This results in high-quality furniture that has a very long life.

Fresh look:

Vintage furniture looks dull and dated. Sometimes the paint job and polishes too cannot bring back their lost glory. It cannot compete with a freshly-produced piece that is produced using new materials.


A great quality of Handmade luxury furniture is that it may be the only one of its kind in the entire world. But you can have the same quality in case of reproduced furniture too. They are not always mass-produced. Sometimes there can be one or two pieces only of a certain kind. You can also order one for yourself. So, you can still relish the fact that you possess a unique article of furniture.


Unlike many furniture that you buy despite their non-practicality, reproduced furniture can be put to good use. You can keep it in your use and enjoy its features and benefits.

Cutting down the size:

As we mentioned earlier that french furniture antique is usually bulky. But you can customize your favorite design of the vintage furniture and get it made in smaller size and lighter weight. You can adjust the dimensions according to your space and use more lightweight material to make it lighter.


Sometimes french furniture antique doesn’t blend with the overall décor of your house. Reproduced furniture gives you the option of playing with the original design to make it more relevant to modern times. In this way, you can style it well and make it more contemporary.

The final choice of antique or reproduction of french Handmade luxury furniture is of the consumer. Each type has its own pros and cons. But it seems that the reproduction of the french country furniture may have certain advantages over the original Handmade luxury furniture